Showrooms are closed. But yours can stay open.

With HATCH, you can keep your fashion business running even in the most challenging of times – anytime, anyplace. Our Digital Showroom software and transformation services are there every step of the way.

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Key Features


Optimized Appointments

Reduce samples and appointment times with digital assortments. Create a rich story with products and seasonal marketing across multiple assortments.


Unmatched Visibility

Have total visibility of your Buyer’s selection. Arrange products by color and product category in an instant, and create additional opportunities to sell in.


Powerful Storytelling

Bring that ‘WOW’ factor back into appointments as they are presented on larger than life Videowalls and conducted around interactive Workstations.


One Story

Enrich your appointments with inspirational videos and key marketing looks each season, creating a consistent global story behind your seasonal collection.


Brand Presence

Ensure your brand is always present in an appointment with simple theming options, and the ability to switch between brands for smaller showroom locations.


Empowered Sales

Access your collection, assortments, and content beyond the physical showroom, enabling Sales to prepare for their appointments at anytime.

"The Digital Showroom has set a new standard for wholesale buying, with our customers convinced that this is the way forward. This is the future of fashion."

Daniel Grieder CEO, Tommy Hilfiger Global

The Hatch Advantage

Align your brand story

Global alignment of your seasonal collection

Deliver the same seasonal and brand content to all your locations, creating a consistent story for each new season, and drive your key styles and options to your consumers.

Low barrier to entry

We offer a solution that requires minimal setup time

The Digital Showroom is designed with simplicity, and our approach to on boarding new brands ensures we understand your organization and enable a smooth transition to having your first digital sell in experience.

Strengthen relationships

Build strong and consistent relationships with your customers

The Showroom is where you keep and maintain strong relationships with your key accounts. B2B Webshops & Online Marketplaces are not where you wish to send key customers, the Digital Showroom is.