Born from fashion. Built for fashion

Transforming wholesale selling with the Digital Showroom for fashion brands and retailers, making it smarter, faster and more sustainable.

What Hatch is all about

A proven digital showroom experience

HATCH is the team behind the software that has revolutionized wholesale selling for brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein. 5 years in the making, we’ve packed the Digital Showroom as a SaaS so all you need to focus on is your next sales appointment.

50% technology, 50% people

At HATCH, we believe on the importance of collaborating with the community behind our products. We not only create products that bring value to sales teams, we create experiences that they want to use.


Fashion-tech or tech-transformation startup? Both.

We combine the most modern technologies with growth-driven methodologies to empower brands to achieve true selling transformation.

The impact of the Digital Showroom were immediate, with a return on investment achieved within one year.

Daniel GriederCEO, Tommy Hilfiger Global

Key benefits

The Digital Showroom enables your brand to sell to customers in a complete new way, bringing new value opportunities that will change your wholesale selling process. For good.

Sample reduction

Up to 50% reduction in costs

Accelerated time to market

Efficiency improvement

28% time saving 
on sales appointments

Aligned brand story telling

Strengthen relationship with buyers

Engage in more efficient conversations with your customers

The Digital Showroom package includes everything to get you started. Additional services are available to enable your brand to achieve its true selling transformation.

Digital Showroom Software

  • Access to the software in your showroom, tablet or computer
  • Pay per user license
  • Online on-boarding

Trans­formation Services

Let us help you

  • Access to our curated list  of transformation framework
  • Modules to help your teams and organization achieve their goals
  • Proven record with over 850 people trained across key fashion brands in the industry