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Upgrade your wholesale sell-in game from a (digital) linesheet to a digital experience. Bring your brand story to life while making your appointments engaging, comprehensive and focused. The difference between the best and the rest.

Streamline your sales processes

One platform for all your customer appointments. Whether you are in the showroom, visiting your customers or meeting remotely, our elegant and simple to use sales experience is developed with sales teams and buyers at heart.

Reduce samples, save the planet

We’ve always believed in a fashion industry thriving without samples and our platform has enabled global brands to do so. Let your brand and collection shine in front of your customers, giving your brand one reason less to need samples. Good for your budget, good for the planet.

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"The Digital Showroom was the ignition for our digital journey. It has changed the way we think about the fashion value chain and the need for digital transformation. This transformation is now accelerating even more through remote wholesale selling and digital product creation."

Martijn HagmanCEO, PVH Europe and Tommy Hilfiger Global

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“Working with HATCH has been an exciting and transformative experience for HAVAIANAS®. We have been very impressed by the combination of technology and the human touch, and how HATCH puts the brand first in a digital way so that the Digital Showroom feels completely HAVAIANAS®."

Merel Werners, EMEIA Marketing Director HAVAIANAS®.

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