HATCH is the digital showroom platform for fashion brands

How HATCH hatched


Where it all began! At Tommy Hilfiger in Amsterdam. After weeks (maybe months?) of sitting in sales appointments - listening, observing, documenting - we were ready to validate our first Digital Showroom prototype with the experts: the Tommy Hilfiger sales teams. We had no idea we were onto something that good.


Many iterations later, the digital selling community was asking for more. We had scaled the Digital Showroom to 5 locations across Europe and were ready to take on the big challenge: the first fully digital season at Tommy Hilfiger HQ in Amsterdam. No samples. Only digital showrooms. Boy that was intense!


From that moment on, every Tommy Hilfiger sales office wanted its piece of this digital selling revolution, so we spent the next months working on scaling. We scaled geographically: opening digital showrooms all across Europe. We trained hundreds of new sales users in digital selling. And we built a more robust software experience. With a 2000% user growth, it was quite a year!


Just when we thought it couldn't get more interesting, a second brand knocked on our door: Calvin Klein. CK was looking to join the digital gang that its sales teams and wholesale buyers kept talking about. This was a pivotal moment: the Digital Showroom platform became multi-brand. This was the moment that we realized our product could add value to even more brands, maybe even beyond PVH.


After tons of learnings and experiences Tommy Hilfiger reached 100% digital sales for all its own showrooms. That means Digital Showrooms in 27 showrooms across the globe and more than 600 sales associates selling faster, smarter and more sustainably. And Calvin Klein was adopting digital selling at lightening speed in Europe - following in Tommy's footsteps.


THE BIG YEAR. The year HATCH hatched. When we first started offering the Digital Showroom and our transformation services externally.


We also made huge strides in our product in 2020: pivoting from an in-showroom digital experience to a digital experience that you can access anywhere, anytime! HATCH DS also introduced exciting new features such as Product Scaling and Product Videos into the platform.


A proud and humbling moment for HATCH: our first external customer! And what a customer - a vibrant brand with a great team.

HATCH Digital Showroom

Our passion is to bring wholesale selling to the digital age.

Our values

We operate with a supreme sense of ownership; taking charge of customer needs and promptly responding to meet them. We love a challenge and take calculated risks that drive business impact.


We are always curious. About ourselves (we like to introspect), about each other, about the industry and about the next challenge - and we always want to learn and evolve, grow and repeat.


We are quietly confident. We know who we are and how we bring value. At the same time, we know that the opportunity ahead of us is huge. We are self-aware and grounded and treat others with kindness and respect.


We strive to be open and transparent. To each other, to our customers and to the world. We value constructive feedback, strive for clarity and bring our authentic selves to work. 


We build on each other, promote diversity of thought, encourage initiative and enable collaboration - and from that collaboration, we create magic!


Meet the Hatchies

Head of Product

Blaine Holt

Sr. Visual Designer

Benjamin Leleu

Head of Customer Success

Kelly van der Kwast

Head of Customer Operations

André Boekhorst

Sr. Front-end Developer

Sakis Katsikas

Head of Growth

Alvaro Pin

Full Stack Developer

Vincent van t Westende

Back-end Engineer

Ruba Zeibak

Front-end Developer

Jaroslaw Rewers

Head of Technology

Oleksii Ustenko

Head of Borks


Head of Design

Thomas Rademakers


Anne-Christine Polet

Growth Marketing Specialist

Luna Laysiepen

Back-end Engineer

Borys Hulii

Digital Transformation Manager

Sandy Tan

Customer Success Manager

Christine Lindeloo

Front-end Engineer

David Creaser

Back-end Engineer

Vitalii Kozlovskyi

Inbound Marketing Specialist

Hester Boon