Benefits of the Digital Showroom

Engaging Experience

Immerse your customers in your  seasonal collection by transforming your traditional showroom location with digital workstations and theaters, providing an entirely new buying experience.

Digitized assortments enable more time to have a conversation with your wholesale customer, and less time pulling products on and off racks.



Sample Reduction

Reduce the cost and environmental impact of sample creation when you digitize your collection through our platform.

Establishing physical showrooms and their continued operation comes with the need to create full sample collections each season and distribute them to all your locations.

With our Digital Showroom, you can significantly reduce the number of samples required with the use of high quality images and 3D renders as we distribute them to your locations.



Improved Time to Market

Improve your ability to service your wholesale customers, enabling your brand to bring collections faster to market and into the hands of your influencers and consumers.

Our Digital Showroom enables you to service your market in record time, halving appointment times as you take your wholesale customer through your digital collection.

Shorter appointments lets you reduce your sell in window, freeing up additional time to inject new seasons and capsules into the market.


Reduce showroom space

Reduce the space requirements of your traditional showroom as you reduce samples and unlock the ability to have multi-brand spaces through a single digital platform.

Showroom locations are going at a premium to lease when you want to be as close to your customers as possible.

The Hatch Digital Showroom enables you utilize the same space for multiple brands or multiple divisions with your digitized samples and brand content.

The Hatch Advantage

Align your brand story

Global alignment of your seasonal collection

Deliver the same seasonal and brand content to all your locations, creating a consistent story for each new season, and drive your key styles and options to your consumers.

Low barrier to entry

We offer a solution that requires minimal setup time

The Digital Showroom is designed for simplicity, and our approach to on boarding new brands ensures we understand your organization and enable a smooth transition to having your first digital sell in experience.

Strengthen relationships

Build strong and consistent relationships with your customers

The Showroom is where you keep and maintain strong relationships with your key accounts. B2B Webshops & Online Marketplaces are not where you wish to send key customers, the Digital Showroom is.