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Simplify cross-team collaboration

Marketing and merchandising create their stories directly into HATCH DS and onboard sales faster. No more time-consuming ppts!

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HATCH’s assortment builder offers infinite possibilities to create visual and personalized proposals that will grab your customer’s attention using the best of your marketing and collection content.

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Centralize all your sales appointments under one platform with HATCH. Whether you are in your physical showroom or meeting remotely, the Digital Showroom is ready whenever you need it. Ah, the benefits of the cloud!

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Manage the visibility of your collection by region, country or customer segment

Engage better with videos

Enhance the story for each product with video such as 360-degree, on model and more!

Shop the look

Create interactive lookbooks and sell your collection through marketing content.

Stand out with scaling

Enhance your story further by highlighting products or adding new perspectives in your proposal

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Delight your customers with your brand and collection in full resolution, no screen sharing needed!

Update product status in-app

Know instantly when products are cancelled and sold out, right in the app. No more email updates!

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