Transformation services to unlock your true digital power

People in your organisation have the biggest influence in your digital transformation. Our transformation services are designed to guide you through the change and boost your confidence to reach your wholesale selling transformation goals.


Do you wonder how to get leadership buy-in? Not sure how to adapt your showroom space to the new digital normal? Maybe you struggle with getting your salesforce excited about the change? We’ve got you covered!


If change were easy, everyone would do it.

We’ve been there. You put all your time and energy in updating your systems, adding new features, purchasing new technology and then…people don’t care about it.

Navigating change is a hard, but crucial power to understand how to bring your brand into the digital world. Change isn’t about technology. It’s about people.

This is why we created HATCH Transformation Services, our solution to help brands navigate their digital journey with a focus on people and mindset.

The right way to start your digital journey

Choose the best path

1. Assess

Every digital transformation is different and so is how we onboard every customer. Learn how your teams work and define the right action plan to get to your desired destination.

Get ready to start

2. Train

Engage with all key areas across your organization, and leverage a curated user onboarding program to bring them into HATCH Digital Showroom using a combination of live sessions, self-learning moments and hype communication.

Boost your confidence

3. Coach

Almost ready to go! Our services include coaching sessions on areas like content, samples and showrooms to get your change mindset ready to rock and set your teams up for success.

Power-ups to help you on every step of the way


Our online learning platform, designed to enable your salesforce to learn everything about the HATCH Digital Showroom and how to become a digital sales ambassador.

HATCH Masterclass

Online live training sessions to onboard new sales teams into the HATCH Digital Showroom and learn how to master digital appointments.

Change Management

Learn how to drive effective change with our digital workshop and set the tone for your brands transition to digital. HATCH will help you to set up the right mind, skill, and tool set needed for change.

Showroom Transformation

Transform your showroom space to an immersive digital experience that maximizes your brand’s impact. Benefit from our unique know-how and expertise and exclusive access to partners to create a space that wow your customers

Digital Value Consultancy

Tailored consultancy services to unlock business value related to digitization. Define how to reduce your sample production smartly or how to optimize your digital content creation and make the most out of using the HATCH Digital Showroom.

Experience HATCH

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