Get Digital right with the HATCH Services

HATCH Services will help you and your teams experience a smooth transformation into Digital wholesale selling.

Integrating the right technology only takes you part of the way to a successful digital transformation. The true key to success lies with the people. How they adapt, how they drive forward and how they adopt a digital mindset.

HATCH Services are aimed at precisely that, and much more.


Talk to the team

Hatch Services are here for you to:


Boost your digital selling confidence

Become a master at digital selling. In-showroom or by remote.


Get your teams fully onboard and excited

Ignite adoption amongst the team and drive the transformation forward, together.

Sample deep-dive

Strategically reduce your samples

Find the best way to effectively reduce your sample count (and costs!)

Showroom transformation

Optimize your showrooms for the digital WOW-effect

Blow your customers away with high impact showroom set-ups

Content deep-dive

Maximize value on your content creations

Elevate your brand’s content and messaging to the next level

1. Pick your Services package


HATCH specialists will help you get started:

  • Set up your initial communications
  • Check in with your teams
  • Onboarding with a live training session
  • Set you up with 24/7 access to the HATCH-ED online platform

Onboard +

In addition to the Onboard package:

  • Prepare you for managing the change
  • Finetune to the needs and approaches of your local markets
  • Consult on adding best value to your running business processes
  • Provide insights into adapting your showroom space to the new digital normal

Onboard ++

All of the goodies from the Onboard + package, and then some:

  • Maximum effort, means maximum outcome
  • Geared to cater to the biggest of groups (up to 250 users)



2. Top it off with the HATCH services power-ups


We tailor our services to your needs

HATCH Masterclass

Online live training sessions to onboard your sales users into the HATCH Digital Showroom and learn how to master remote appointments.

Drive Effective Change

Learn how to drive effective change with our online live Change Management workshop. Set the tone for your brand’s transition into digital. HATCH specialists will help you to become a true Change Champion.

Unlock your Digital Value

Consultancy services tailored to unlock the best value for your digitized business processes.

Need a strategy to reduce your sample count? Check!
Want to understand how to optimize your digital content? Check!
Looking for the right software insights? Check!

Transform your Showroom

Create that WOW-impact in your showroom space. Benefit from our industry-unique expertise and exclusive access to HATCH partners to create an unforgettable in-showroom digital experience for your customers.

We've got you

At HATCH we understand what you are going through in your digital transformation. We at HATCH – we’ve been there! We know which hurdles you might face and also which wins there are to gain. And we are ready to guide you through this exciting adventure.

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