How wholesale showrooms are changing in uncertain times

Written by Blaine Hold, Head of Product.                                                                                     19-03-2020

The Definitive Definition of Fashion Showrooms

By the creators of the Tommy Hilfiger Digital Showroom

These are challenging times. In the span of a few weeks, the entire fashion industry has been disrupted and turned upside down. From retail to the wholesale buying experience and supply chains in between. Samples are at risk of not being manufactured and no one seems sure if buyers will be able to visit traditional showrooms any time soon. 

So what is a brand to do in times like this? What is the future of fashion wholesale showrooms?

The future of fashion wholesale showrooms

How fashion showrooms are changing in these uncertain times

Fortunately some new kids on the block have been taking a crack at digitizing the fashion value chain. From how fashion is designed (shout out to STITCH, HEYOOO!) to how it’s sold to retailers across the world. And with all types of transformative showrooms out there, HATCH, the creators of the world’s first successful Digital Showroom, wants to clear up three definitive ways technology is transforming the wholesale fashion experience. The definitive definition, if you will, of the future of fashion wholesale showrooms. 

1. Virtual Showrooms

Let’s start by clearing up this one. What is a virtual showroom? They enable sales teams to create curated assortments and laydowns for their buyers with complimentary marketing content. This is then forwarded to a Buyer. Buyers subsequently make their selection and complete their forward order.

It gets the job done, and is a great way to support and grow your small to mid tier customers. But something is missing…can you take a guess? Human interaction! How do you keep your Key Customer Accounts (We talking about some big revenue generators here) engaged with your brand? And how do you help your Sales teams continuously hit amazing results? Through human interaction, this is where the Digital Showroom takes the stage!

2. Digital Showrooms

This is a real evolution of the traditional showroom. Digital showrooms enable sales teams to transform their physical wholesale customer experience for key accounts, to reduce their reliance on samples , and enhance the lives of Sales Associates by reducing the preparation and presentation time of a collection to their key accounts. It also really helps to bring a brands story to life, for example by supporting products with campaign information and imagery, creating alignment in a global network. 

The Sales Associate and the Buyer are in this together (as in co-located), keeping that human element that is vital in maintaining and growing a strong relationship with key accounts, and discovering opportunities to create a strong sell-in proposal. 

3. And now there are… Dynamic Showrooms

Say what now? A dynamic showroom…haven’t heard of this before. Given the exacerbated COVID-19 challenge in wholesale fashion of Buyers not being able to come to a physical showroom, what is a brand that values experience to do? 

HATCH has come to the table with a new kind of showroom experience that is a perfect mix of virtual and digital showrooms. 

A dynamic showroom transforms any room into a digital showroom, even if that room is halfway across the globe. A Sales Associate can continue their digital wholesale appointment with their buyers, lead the conversation and maintain their relationships, and remove the transaction nature of a B2B Webshop or Virtual Showroom. All through a remote selling appointment, with the experience of an in-showroom one.

A dynamic showroom enables a brand to be adaptive in their approach and keep their business running while maintaining that human element that helps foster and grow key accounts, and that very important level of experience, no matter where their buyers might be!

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