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5 Ways to Accelerate your Digital Mindset


Digital mindset accelerators

Our first HATCH Webinar, where we shared our insights and learnings on Adopting a Digital Mindset in Fashion, has been a great success. We were joined by twice as many live audience members than planned who have contributed to sparking a great talk. There was a lot of interest in the topics discussed and many questions were raised (and answered). One of the key learnings we focused on were Digital Mindset accelerators. Here are five accelerators we have seen to be true value drivers in creating a successful Digital Transformation. 

1. Focus on the long term benefits, as they far outweigh the short term challenges

Hans Summers, a Digital Selling expert, enlightened us with many of his experiences in adopting a Digital Mindset. In his experience “significant changes to long standing and familiar practices can make it difficult to adopt a digital mindset. Therefore, staying focused on the long term benefits will help to promote perseverance and motivation when challenges do arise.” 

2. Break a big phenomenon like Digital Transformation into bite-sized increments

Your organization is set at the start of a Digital Transformation. So, how do you move people from the “oh, this is new and scary” to the “wow, this is actually really great”? By breaking a big phenomenon like digital transformation into bite-sized increments that will be rewarded. This will make change more digestible (and enjoyable) for everyone. 

3. Adaptability, communication and trust are fundamental assets

Having a support system to guide and encourage throughout the phases of change is a major contributor in undergoing change. Feeling understood and empowered and having continuous dialogue about transformation can be life savers. 

4. In Digital Transformation it’s all about the journey, not the destination

A-C Polet, SVP Digital Ventures to HATCH and our sister company STITCH, shared a valuable learning with us during the webinar. “The world is changing so fast, that change is becoming the norm and your ability to deal with this will be a game changer for the future. But, change is definitely not easy. Especially when you’re changing the way you work. In the end, it’s important to know that the benefits of Digital Transformation far outweigh the possible downsides of change.”

5. People can make or break the success of transformation

Applying new technology to your organization may only be the first step towards transformation. However, remember that Digital Transformation is also very much about human transformation. This means that you need to put as much focus on people as you do on the technology for your Digital Transformation to be a successful one. 

These five accelerators have been incredibly useful learnings during many of the Transformation processes we have witnessed and been a part of here at HATCH. And we hope they can be as valuable to you during your Digital Transformation. 

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In case you missed our Webinar on Adopting a Digital mindset the full recording can be found here