An open letter to Fashion

Written by Anne – Christine Polet, SVP Digital Ventures, HATCH & STITCH.                    12-06-2020

Fashion, we can do better.

If these changing times have shown us one thing, it’s that we need to rethink the way we work. In Fashion, this means to tackle the traditional processes of creating and selling our products and digitize the fashion value chain. Finally, I might add.

The fashion value chain has long been shielded from scrutiny as brands rushed to invest in their consumer facing digital touchpoints. Due to this, endless amounts of prototypes and samples are shipped across oceans for fitting, reviewing, photographing and selling activities. This broken value chain is strung together with phone calls, excel files and some duct tape. 

Digitizing the fashion value chain

This shield is now crumbling. The traditional value chain cannot handle the demand for flexibility or the need for remote collaboration. Furthermore, it does not provide the critical ability to adapt at any moment in time, to scale up or down when needed. The platforms that are created, and that effectively run the entire industry, are now cracking at the seams.


It is time.


Time to put focus and attention on the part of the value chain that is unseen to the consumer, especially the areas of garment creation, manufacturing and wholesale selling. The opportunity to increase value to your business and our industry is immense. With initiatives like 3D design and digital workflows, to digital remote selling, the future of fashion looks very bright! 

It’s time to clean out our closets. Out goes the old thinking that’s holding us back from change, in goes an open mind and a courageous heart to tackle the issues that we know need to be solved. Yes – this is fashion, and no – it doesn’t always have to be this way. 

Shipping samples across oceans isn’t the answer anymore. Time for change.

We are in this together. Reach out to us. Let us help you on this exciting, challenging and much needed journey.