Born from fashion. Built for fashion

HATCH is a startup working on the future of wholesale selling in fashion – creating digital experiences to make selling smarter, faster & more sustainable. We are passionate about the sweet spot where fashion & technology meet and are passionate about bringing wholesale selling to the digital age, through our Digital Showroom and transformation services.

How we've evolved

We were born within a fashion brand and it’s always been our focus to understand what the pain points and constrains are of a traditional showroom appointment. Over the last 5 years, we’ve collected feedback from sales people all over the world to create the optimal wholesale digital experience: the Digital Showroom.


For some the year of the rat, for us 2020 is the year to HATCH, the moment where we are ready to bring all our experience and knowledge to other brands out there looking to elevate their wholesale selling game, without forgetting that in order to feel good for its buyers, it needs to do good for this planet.


After tons of learnings and experiences the first brand reached 100% digital sales for all its own showrooms. That means 27 showrooms and more than 600 sales associates selling faster, smarter and more sustainably.


Just when we thought it couldn't get more interesting, a second brand knocked on our door, looking to join the cool gang all its sales and wholesale buyers kept talking about. This was a pivotal moment to ensure our technology could keep up and where we realized we could do more and better the more brands would join our digital force.


From that moment on, every sales office wanted its piece of this digital selling revolution, so we spent the next months working on scaling it, from creating a more robust software experience to training all teams into this whole new way of selling. This meant, among other things a 2000% user adoption growth in just over a year. Yikes!


Many iterations after that first prototype, the digital selling community was asking for more. We took the challenge to heart and decided to go all out with the first digital season at Tommy Hilfiger HQ in Amsterdam. Boy that was intense!


Where it all began! After weeks (maybe months?) of sitting in appointments, listening and watching interactions and documenting EVERYTHING in notebooks, we were ready to validate our first prototype with the experts. We had no idea we were onto something good!

Meet the HATCHies

Head of Product

Blaine Holt

Sr. Visual Designer

Benjamin Leleu

Head of HATCH

Kelly van der Kwast

Head of Customer Success

André Boekhorst

Sr. Front-end Developer

Sakis Katsikas

Head Of Business Development and Transformation

Alvaro Pin

Full Stack Developer

Vincent van t Westende

Back-end Engineer

Ruba Zeibak

Front-end Developer

Jaroslaw rewers

Head of Engineering

Friso van Vollenhoven

Head of Borks


Studio Technical Manager

Jonathan van Woudenberg

Head of Design

Thomas Rademakers