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The value of transformation

Changing to digital goes beyond the introduction of new technology. Yes – technology will drive you forward, but it is people that can make or break the success of it.

The road to digital can be a bumpy one, and we understand that because we’ve been there. Our transformation services are here to help you navigate the change from analog to digital, and to make you more resilient.

Here is what we can help you with

The Digital Showroom

You are aiming to improve your wholesale selling experience and to unlock true sales transformation.

Besides the Digital Showroom, we offer the transformation services below to help setting up both your brand and teams for success with the HATCH Digital Showroom.


Showroom Transformation

You are going digital and would like to optimize your current showroom space, yet you don’t know where to start.

HATCH can help you with building the digital experience in your physical showroom space, and connect you with Hatch & partners for fitting audio-visual and furniture solutions.

Change Management

You realize that driving change management isn’t an easy one, and the question is – how do you tackle this? 

HATCH can help you with setting up the right mind, skill, and tool set to roll out a successful transformation.

You will get:

1. Access to the Hatch Transformation Playbook: learnings to set up and formulate your change management plan.

2. A combination of workshops and consultancy services to drive change management and the implementation of your change management plan.


Going digital means that your teams require new skills and abilities. From on boarding to digital storytelling, HATCH is here to train your teams.

Future-proof your teams with digital skills via our learning program to get them on the right track to become true digital storytellers.

Digital Value Consultancy

You want to optimize business processes through digitization, but are not sure about the opportunities out there. 

HATCH offers consultancy services to unlock business value related to digitization, helping you solving business challenges such as; how to optimize sample production, how to optimize digital content, and more.

Our approach

Digital Maturity Scan

Scanning the now to shape the future

We assess your digital change readiness and current way of working and together, we define how to get to your desired destination.

Custom Change Plan

Pick & Mix for brand fit

We propose a custom service offer. You select the services that match your brand (included in your user license subscription, or taken separately).


Ready for roll-out

We implement the modules to get your brand and teams ready for digital selling, never losing sight of where we can learn and grow.

Experience HATCH

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